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Issue 112  – features include:

Pages 12-14

Touchdown in Corporate Space

Pauline Baxter looks at the ways massage treatments will be different in a post-Covid world.

Pages 16-19

Myofascia and Real-Life Movement (part 2)

James Earls continues his series on Myofascia and Real-Life Movement.

Pages 20-22

WTF (What’s this fascia?)

In complementary health over the past few years the word fascia keeps popping up. Julien Baker looks at what fascia is and the role it plays in the body.

Pages 34-36

Temporary Work in the EU

With so much uncertainty in the air, who knows what will happen? Claire Squire lists the considerations that people will need to take on board if working internationally.

Pages 38-39

When Chest Pain Is Not Due to Heart Problems

Amanda White explains what can cause chest pain and how SKART can be used to treat it effectively.

Pages 40-42

An Introduction to Tissue Mechanics – The Missing Link

Simon Wellsted takes you through the steps to help you further your understanding of tissue mechanics and what various tissue mechanics signatures mean.

Pages 44-47

Is Your Treatment Table a Liability? By Greg Coughlan

Greg from Massageware House looks into a rise in claims with industry insurance companies and massage equipment and in particular Treatment tables

Pages 48-49

How to Brand Your Business to Stand Out from the Crowd

There are so many businesses that offer the same service. In this article, Rachel Beider proposes different ways to help you discover your brand.

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