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issue 114 2022

8 Massage Mentor: The Heart Sink Client

Within the medical community, a ‘Heart Sink Client’ is a phrase used to describe somebody we find difficult. Susan Findlay talks about challenges with clients during treatment.

12 Is Your Percussion a Hit?

There are a wide range of techniques used in Seated Acupressure Massage. In this article, Pauline Baxter focuses on percussion.

16 Use Your Words to Improve Your Vision

The way in which we use language is important. James Earls highlights the importance of having a clear language and knowing the rationale for the terminology to improve our vision and the way you see people move.

22 Support Clients With a Trauma History

In this 3-part series, Emma Gilmore explores the fundamental importance of setting up environments of safety for clients, most especially when working with clients with a trauma past or a challenging back story.

34 Rugby and the Importance of Case Histories

Morganne Blair and Katherine Creighton Crook tell us how working with rugby players brought home the importance of case histories, talking to us about how that extends to all their clients.

38 To Err is Human, To Reach Divine

Human expression, imagination, ingenuity and creative thinking have awarded us the title of alpha predator. Owen Lewis explores and examines common movement patterns.

44 How to Get Rid of Headaches & Neck Pain

Pain is one of the ways the body expresses that something is wrong. Amanda White looks at the causes of headaches and neck pain, exploring ways that may help prevent them.

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