Introducing Massage World Talks! Advanced Chair Massage using Dynamic Angular Techniques with Paul Lewis BA

Massage World is delighted to bring over from Canada Paul Lewis BA.

Paul Lewis BA introduces UK therapists to his Dynamic Angular treatment method for chair massage therapists… Whether you are treating the corporate client, athletes, seniors, pregnant women or injured clients; the skills learned here will be invaluable.

This workshop will be taught primarily through therapist hands-on participation and demonstrations. Therapists will learn and practice regional advanced treatment techniques to be more efficient and effective in accessing and treating functionally problematic issues in selected upper body regions such as the neck, back and shoulder
girdle. The workshop will start with a common case presentation, to effectively look at the symptomatic presentation in order to support the clinical reasoning and rational for techniques, modalities, treatment positions and structures addressed. The Dynamic Angular treatment method will be used to augment the therapy session and reduce treatment stresses on the therapist. Various hand-saving techniques, segmental stretching, modalities, postural positioning and self-care exercises will be taught and practiced. A practical review of the skeletal and muscular anatomy as well as warm-up
and grounding exercises will also be covered.

  • 10 CPD points will be awarded on successful completion of this two day course.
  • Massage chairs will be available, however if you prefer to use your
    own trusty chair then please feel free to bring it along.